General information and etiquette

The academy emphasizes classical ballet aesthetic through good grooming that allows the instructors to observe the dancers' movements and posture.  The following guidelines indicate the preferences at our school.  Note that there are color codes at this time for the different levels--please consult with an instructor about placement before purchasing a garment. 

Because we are on a public street, dancers are to wear street clothes, not dance wear, to both arrive at and depart from the studio.  Students must NEVER wear dance shoes outside the studio--the street oils damage the marley dance surfaces in the studio.



Tights: ballet pink; Note:  adults may opt to wear close-fitting jazz pants in a solid dark color instead of tights

Slippers: ballet pink--leather or canvas--full soled; leather shoes do provide dancers with more support. Shoes must have an elastic sewn across the arches.  Shoes are to fit snugly as a glove fits the hand and should not constrict/curl the toes nor allow "growing" room which would create unstable conditions for the foot during dance movement.

Leotards: a classic tank or short sleeve leotard is preferred. Dancers should avoid distracting long sleeves, halters, or ornamented backs which call attention to the fabric/cut instead of the dancers' lines.  Adults may find a shirt comfortable to move in for a top covering as a useful alternative.

Skirts: optional. Skirts add to a sense of femininity about dance but are not necessary as it is important for the instructor to see the alignment of the dancer's body. The skirt must match the solid color of the leotard. 

Hair: pulled back away from face and secured firmly in a bun; short hair may be secured with a wide hair band.  Flying hair creates bad habits!

Colors:   (consult with instructor for placement in ballet classes)

pre              I           II                 III               IV                 V/VI, adult                    

light pink     lt blue   royal blue   navy           burgundy     black

NOT ALLOWED: Jewelry, any color of nail polish (light pink is permissible), leg warmers beyond the first three exercises at the barre, sweat-shirts/t-shirts, drill-team shorts--let the teacher know if there is a condition that necessitates an exception.

Jazz; Contemporary/Lyrical; Tap

no midrifs or boy-shorts (unless worn over leggings/tights); layers and colors are permissible; ballet class uniforms are permissible; clothing should not impede movement; appropriate jazz shoes or ballet slippers/ bare feet, tap shoes as instructor directs


White t-shirt, Black shorts (intermediate/advance boys replace shorts with black tights), white socks, white or black slippers, fitting snugly.